Silk in Motion II, featuring DiNotte Lighting

Demo of how to be seen on a trike. Far more dramatic than still pics.

The low light gives us a poor quality video, yet illustrates the importance of good lighting. In the float Terry [BROL tytrikes] gives his view. In the last third of the vid, I ride my RANS Citi Crank Forward, without its headlight because it is on the trike. The "be seen lights," a 400L headlight & taillight, work very well.

Future night videos will require lighting. I plan to use infrared lighting. Anyway, please note the video for what it is worth.

See also, Silk in Motion I

THREE [3] World Records ~ Maria Parker

World Record Spreadsheet

Well, my unofficial spreadsheet now has the UMCA OFFICIAL RESULTS [lap 13 above–bolded]for Maria Parker’s ride October 10, 2009. Congratulations Maria and crew. Now we knew [unofficially] she had ridden more than 241 miles. Here is what we did not know for sure [the other 2 records]:

  • 100 Mile               4 hr 47 min 56 sec             4:47:56                  20.84 mph
  • 200 Mile               9 hr 55 min 34 sec             9:55:34                  20.15 mph

I think there are many who would love to complete a century that fast. most would love to just finish a double-century. These records are a remarkable achievement by a remarkable person.

Thanks to Dr. Jim Parker for providing me the official results [e-mail addresses removed].

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Silk in Motion I

Today, SCEPTER [Single-purpose, Cycling Experiences, Pan & Tilt, Event Recorder ~ Thanks to Drew Robertson] captured Silk as I rode her for a few short neighborhood laps. Inspired by Terry Stankunas [BROL Member tytrike], I went for a few jaunts in the late afternoon and twilight.

Silk in Motion II, is up…