Livestream Embed Test

[Live Video now has a dedicated page]

I have located even better video streaming software [Livestream Procaster–and it is free] than the software I had originally tested [plus it cost $85.00]. I can embed the video in my blog, display my desktop, and display both 2D & 3D. I’m working on integrating my iPhone 3GS.

With the project I’m working on, I’ll have pan & tilt control of the camera. Again, I’ll use it for any event coverage I blogcast. I know of no amateur doing this and I’m expanding its potential.

For now, there’s nothing interesting to view. This is a test. I’d like your feedback. This package has a chat feature. I look forward to reading your comment and/or chatting with you.



  • Pardon the ads. The cost to not have them is $350.00 per month. I’m no business. You can ‘X” them.
  • Chat is on…
  • Panning & Tilting [previously tested] used today
  • There is a 3 second delay. I do not know why.
  • Also tested the laptop’s WebCam for LiveStream Video. It works well. Particularly when controlled by the LiveStream Studio.
  • Thanks to MJ Klein, I used a different template that placed chat beneath the video, when not in the full-screen mode. Toggle and see what works best for you.

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