In honor of U.S. Veterans ~ 2009


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6 thoughts on “In honor of U.S. Veterans ~ 2009”

  1. My regards to those who serve.
    Here is to a fine memory of Captain Richard W. Leet, 2ID and his stories he finally found a way to tell. He was also a hell of a biker.
    and to you Jim. thanks


  2. I would add my 2 cents worth thanking you for your personal service and for the excellent image on today’s post. While I did not serve in the military, I have always appreciated my heritage through the service and ultimate sacrifice of my namesake and through my father’s many, many years of service in the U.S. Navy. My dad left high school early, along with a number of his school mates, to fight in WWII. He was on the first destroyer that went into Normandy on D-Day and served throughout WWII. He was later recalled to Korea. One of my earliest memories as a child is of my mom and I driving him back to meet his ride after a brief period of leave.

    Dad stayed in the Reserves upon leaving active service and drilled monthly and yearly until he retired many years later. He was the leading recruiter for the Western North Carolina area during his time in the Reserves. Like so many other WWII Vets, he wouldn’t talk about his experiences in the war much. I remember trying to get some information from him once and him getting mad when I wasn’t astute enough to let it go. Just a year or so before his death, he began talking about some of his experiences and that was a wonderful education for me. He had always talked about the benefits of the Navy but never really much on a personal level.

    Through my involvement with HonorAir Flights, I’ve tried to honor his service by helping other WWII Vets get to Washington, DC to see their memorial. I always come away blessed and thankful for the sacrifices made by all of our military when they’ve answered the call of their country. Whether the politics are right or wrong should NEVER be confused with the service and sacrifice made by the people.

    – Zeke


    1. Thanks Zeke, We are fortunate to have the opportunity to honor the service of your dad and the millions of others who have and are serving this nation. Thanks for sharing your father’s story of service. I know the HonorAir Flights mean a lot to you. Take care and thanks for posting a moving comment. It helps make the honoring more special for me. –jim


    1. Hello Drew,

      Thank you very much and likewise, thank you for your service and this day of Remembrance for our Canadian friends. I trust you noted I adopted your SCEPTER name. Thanks! –jim


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