I think "buggy" is what it is…

Right side   Laft side
  Front & left side   
Rear & right side   Left side

The last few days [since my photo shoot] I have added and refined equipment for my robotic WebCam. So, here are several more pictures. I’ll soon publish an outline listing the systems, and their components and begin to detail each, Remember, the concept is to allow me to cover cycling events in a more exciting fashion. –jim

See larger images in my flickr photostream or WebCam Set

Author: jalexartis

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6 thoughts on “I think "buggy" is what it is…”

  1. That is a very nice set up Jim. Call it a buggy if you must but in my military mind that buggy is really a SCEPTER Transport Platform. Single-purpose, Cycling Experiences, Pan & Tilt, Event Recorder.


    1. Hey, that is so cool. I like it! The last 2 days I worked on a brief acronym. I have “CEBRW” an acronym for “Cycling Experiences… Blog Robotic WebCam” ~ pronounced SeeBrew. What to do? Maybe a poll is in order. I’ve ordered a graphic of the name for the front of the tool box. Please advise…

      So, you are telling me the vehicle is a STP, a.k.a buggy–remember the Army mule–not the one that eats hay. I reminds me of one of those. Actually, I plan to put the tire pressure marking “T.P. 30 PSI” above each wheel.

      Thanks for the compliment!

      Tell me about your mil svc. Twenty-four years U.S. Army, 68-92, Infantry.

      SCEPTER, eh?



      1. I was a Twin Huey (UH-1N) helicopter pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces – 403 Squadron, 10th Tactical Air Group (1981-1992). We were a much smaller version of your Air Cav providing combat support for Cdn ground pounders.

        I followed a link about Silk after I bought an Expedition and obviously took note of your mil svc. When I saw your buggy post it looked MIL-SPEC so I figured an acronym was in order. CEBRW works for me and I should have figured you had one tucked away.

        BTW, I bought a Silvio in September and noticed your interest. You will not be disappointed if you add one of these to your stable. The Vendetta looks amazing but I lack the patience to wait as it evolves in John’s hands.


  2. Drew,

    We shared 11 years of overlapping service, with the end for both of us in ’92. Interesting numbers. Have you flown since ’92? Thanks for your service.

    I’m really not into naming things; but, sometimes names evolve to represent the item. That’s the case with 2 of my 7 and now this creature. I’ll see what my graphics guy can do.

    The many project I work do not give me the opportunity to be impatient. I rather wait for the Vendetta, than get a Silvio and have to sell it. Seven is my limit. One of them must go to make room for the Vendetta. I;m in no rush. My Crank Forward build was enough for ’09 and then I refined Silk. When do I see pics of your Expedition & Sillvio. Goin’ to the Catrike Rally in March?



  3. I flew civilian helicopters in the arctic and elsewhere after leaving the military for a few years but grew bored and hung up my wings over 10 years ago. No regrets but I’ll save that story for a time when we meet at a rally down the road.

    The Catrike rally is not likely for 2010 but I would like to get to one eventually.

    My Silvio photos are online.

    No Expedition photos to speak of other than a few posted to the Catrike forum under the alias CTE375.

    Happy trails Jim.


    1. Drew, I’ll see you at one of the Catrike Rallies. I was in your town in August–remember the BIG thunderstorm. I saw it firsthand the first night there.

      I did not see any pictures at the link you gave. Maybe later…

      Thanks and may you have following winds.



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