I think "buggy" is what it is…

Right side   Laft side
  Front & left side   
Rear & right side   Left side

The last few days [since my photo shoot] I have added and refined equipment for my robotic WebCam. So, here are several more pictures. I’ll soon publish an outline listing the systems, and their components and begin to detail each, Remember, the concept is to allow me to cover cycling events in a more exciting fashion. –jim

See larger images in my flickr photostream or WebCam Set

100K Contest ~ StatCalc Extraction

One of our viewers asked for a display of real-time factors. I wish there were a way within in the blog to give you real-time data. Here is a key part of my Statistical Prediction Spreadsheet.

StatCalc Extraction ~ Update1

The complete spreadsheet can be downloaded from Box.net ~ links on my Notes Page and below:

I will update the spreadsheet at Box.net on Sunday, 11/8.