WebCam Pics @ flickr ~ 11/02


Today I took and uploaded 44 pictures of the project I’m working on. The pics can be seen in my photostream or this picture set at

I trust yesterday’s appetite whetting piqued your interest and you are back for an exploration of blogcasting as I see it.

Later, I’ll write an article that explains the concept, after which, we’ll look at the subsystems of this setup. 

There is still more to be done. I think I have quite a little gem here. Thanks!  –jim

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

4 thoughts on “WebCam Pics @ flickr ~ 11/02”

  1. Jim,

    That is looking really good. It’s only appropriate that you use a Park Tool clamp to mount the remote head on! I can’t wait for the first event where you can put this to use.



    1. Hi David,

      Thanks! It’s about cycling. I agree. It is a cool connection. I can still use the stand for some of my bike work. Perhaps, I’ll send Park Tool a picture of a unique application of their stand. The stand in now on its 3rd base: 1) my concrete garage floor; 2) their square base; and, 3) the wood floor of the hand cart.

      I do not know that I’ll ever cover an event like Maria’s. I plan to be ready if I do and I sometimes make things happen. Who knows, someone may give me a call one day. In the meantime, I’d do some real-time testing. I lnow the cam, PCs, & Internet work because I controlled within the home for over a week and I’ve tested the Bluetooth range between my iPaq & the panohead to well beyond a block. Futher than Wi-Fi will ever give me.

      I can’t wait either. If Maria rides again, I’ll ask. I think they were satisfied with the last coverage. Please stay tuned. –jim


  2. Whew! That is one mean looking setup! You should submit that via Bicycling magazine. (I think that is the one…) You might win the full Park Tool set for that arrangement!

    Now, I’m envisioning a solar panel that charges the batteries. Hmmm…

    – Zeke


    1. Thanks Zeke,

      I’m still innovating, but no solar panel yet. I hope to get complete a few mor cool things and shoot a few pics. I took the pics today for a movie. Now, I trying to figure out how to do it. my iPhone has a great app. I may go there. Check it out tomorrow. –jim


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