An appetite whetter ~ my webcam

Last Friday, 10/30, I introduced you to a webcam project I’m working on. Well, 2 days late and much more has been completed. I’m hoping/planning to give you pictures tomorrow, Monday, 11/2.

Since my intro on Friday, I’ve done the following:

  • Created a way to mount an umbrella and not have the possibility of it getting into the shot. I commented on this last Friday. The solution & "enhancements are novel.
  • Wired and set up power for the panohead . I’m using a 6-volt dry cell battery [ Werker 6V 14AH Battery W/ Polarized Terminal – WKA6-14A] versus 4 AA rechargeable batteries. The will give me extended operating time, without the need to carry extra batteries or the possibility of not completing a shoot.
  • So, how is one to move all this stuff around a site should they not want to remain stationary? Use a hand truck, of course. I’m setting up the coolest, most functional hand truck, to move the webcam gear. It no longer looks anything like the picture.

Motion Computing is to receive my tablet PC Friday, 11/6. It is the lynch-pin  for this setup. I’m confident the repair cost will be reasonable and the it will work as well as the laptop I used for testing.

Hey, I just wanted to whet you appetite for what’s to come. Next up, pictures and brief comments. Subsequent to that, details about different sub-systems of this setup. I think you will really be amazed with what I have done and how it works.



100K Milestone Winner Update Post

I’ll continue the updates, at least once a day, if not more frequently. The one thing that will change is the spreadsheet and my comments beneath it. There is a date & time of the update in the upper left-hand corner of the sheet. There is also an update number just above the sheet. Strikethroughs cannot win—the date has passed. Bookmark this post and come to see it often. To learn what this is about, go here. See any update you may have missed here. THANKS! –jim

Update #48
100K Spreadsheet Update48
We are now down to the last 22 pageviews needed to reach the 100K Milestone.
It looks like it WILL happen today???  Maybe the blog heard the crowd.

The initial post [from 11/01] is here.

100K Milestone Contestants & Predictions

100K Spreadsheet

The best to each contestant. I use a spreadsheet to forecast when certain goals may be obtainable. In this case, the 100K Milestone. Based on historical data, the predicted date is 12/04/2009 at 08:02:14 a.m. [this is only a prediction]. Given that prediction, contestants closest to that date and time are highlighted [a difference of 5 or less] and may be the winner of $100 from the Cycling Experiences… Blog. Check in weekly, after midnight Sundays to see who is closest to the date of the 100K Milestone.

I use conditional formatting to highlight the contestant(s) whose difference between their prediction and my forecast is less than 5. As I see it, either may win. Of course, the winner will be determined by the blog actually reaching the milestone, not the spreadsheet predictor. My predictor is trending toward early December.  About 3 weeks ago my prediction was mid-December. October was an active month. As a result, average daily hits are up.

To give you anonymity, I’m using the Response ID you were assigned when you completed the Poll Daddy Survey. I’ll contact you via email to let you know that you are the winner. If you want your name published, I’m happy to do that also. Thanks for your participation and adding to the excitement and joy of this occasion. Again, CONGRATS TO THE WINNING CONTESTANT [whomever you may be]!

Jim Artis

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Okay, so what is your best guess…


Two weeks ago, just after reaching the 75,000 pageviews milestone, I opened a contest where a viewer can win $100 [marking the 100K Milestone] for being the first to come closest to the year, month, day hour, etc. that this blog reaches the 100K Pageviews milestone. Just submit your Contest Entries.  You’ll be presented a form to complete and that’s all there is to it. Sit back, watch, wait, make another entry, and so forth.

I have predictions. I’d like more. It’s free to guess and you can guess as many times as you like. So, let’s get busy and give me more guesses. Your entries go into a spreadsheet that I’ll use to determine the winning entry. I also have a predictor. It is fun to see how your guesses measures up to my predictor.

Give me more entries for my spreadsheet.




Thanks to those contestants who participated and to the many others who viewed this and related articles. I have published a listing of the contestants [identified by their Response ID] and their predictions for this blog reaching its 100K milestone.