It’s like magic—well almost…

Late last night [or early this morning], around 2:00 a.m., I setup my Tanita BC-1000 Scale, ANT+ USB Stick, and Garmin FR60 Watch, that I received yesterday. The entire process was like magic—uneventful. What a delight to have everything work so smoothly. Thank goodness I have Internet access because I had to download drivers from Garmin for the ANT+ USB stick [seems they would have been on one of the CDs in the package]. Also, to use the FR60 with Garmin Connect [GC] I had to download and install the ANT Agent. At the end of the process all I did [save weighing] worked. GOOD! [pity the poor soul who has no Internet and only wants the watch integrated with the ANT+ stick and the  Healthy Edge Software]. GC has a real nice wizard for the setup.

Okay, around 8:20 a.m. [after all I was up until about 4:00 a.m.] and was in no hurry to experience the joy of all this new technology. Hey [like magic] when I come near the computer, my weight data is transferred to the  Healthy Edge Software.—COOL! Go to GC, no data. I’ve been reading their forum and was not surprised, although disappointed. I wanted to write about SUCCESS!

Called Garmin support and they had no explanation as to why. The tech has his data transferred to GC without problems. He ask basic questions [answers I had already given when I introduced the problem to him]. I hate it when techs do not listen. [I had the conversation with Zeke in reply to his morning blog comment–cmt1] The tech had me do a dummy activity [press start & then stop a few seconds later. It transferred. Now he knows for sure it should work. He placed me on hold—I weighed again—same thing, until I hung up and then the magic. The data transferred to GC. There was a delay—don’t know why. [See cmts. 2&3].

I’ll see what the next weigh-ins bring. Now, ordinarily I would have tried again just to see if it worked. I was spoiled by all the forum comments where I was not surprised the transfer did not work. Rather than "waste my time" on a forum post, I called support as soon as they opened. I likely used more time having done so, than doing some basic isolation on my end. Oh well…

I still like the package. Setting up new devices & their software can be problematic. Hey, not as bad as back in the ’80s.

BTW, The health Edge Software from Competitive Edge is a nice package!

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3 thoughts on “It’s like magic—well almost…”

  1. My reply to Zeke’s comment in a related thread.


    Don’t you hate those calls to support for a “new” setup. I had to make one to Garmin about the transfer “automatically” of my weight data to Garmin Connect. The setup was uneventful, except for that. It simply did not work. While on the phone to support, I weighed a second time. it did not work [until I hung up], and then data. I wanted to call back, but no case #, etc. I do not know why the data did not transfer. On the second try there was a delay to the Tanita software & to GC. I’ll have to see how subsequent weigh-in go. I’m happy with the process. …hat those calls though. Generally, they assume you know nothing and do not listen when you lay everything out for them, etc, etc.

    Hoping you have an enjoyable Friday.

    The best!



  2. Email from Garmin tech [he said he would work on the problem and let me know something–man of his word].

    Thank you for contacting Garmin International!

    I am happy to help you with this. We are still looking into this matter and I should have an answer for you Monday. If you find out something or are able to get this to work please let me know.

    If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or at the number listed below.


  3. My reply to him:

    Hi [tech],


    Weight data #1 [reason for my call] never uploaded to GC. Weight Data #2 [obtained while I was on hold] uploaded just after I hung up for speaking with you. There was an ANT+ agent delay of 2-4 minutes for some reason. There was no PC activity to explain the delay. This is a new 64-bit Visa machine, w/6GB RAM and a fast processor. My reading on ANT uploads to GC has me expecting it to occur seamlessly within 30 seconds of coming within range of the ANT stick. There is clear view and no sources for electro-magnetic interference between my FR60 [on my wrist] and my ATN-Stick. I’ll continue to monitor. BTW, again on the 1st weight data, I saw form the systray, the data had been transferred. I saw the same on the 2nd data, albeit delayed. The dummy ride upload was instantaneous. I hope this helps.



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