I’m working on a project ~ 10/30

…and have been for the better part of this week. Remember this fellow. Well, I’ve had it since February or so. I’ve used it with my Canon 35mm, but did not put it to use as expected.

Given the Maria Parker blogcast [I thought I may have coined a new term—nyet!], I have been thinking of things to do to enhance coverage should I ever do such an event again.

Here is what I’m working on and have commented on to a few in recent post & comments. I’m using one of my webcams on the top of the panohead. Using the AutoMate [Don French’s name for his panohead and software], I can pan and tilt my WebCam using my iPaq 5555 Pocket PC. Did you get that? Using software, I can sit at a computer several hundred feet away and control the panohead. That’s through the magic of Bluetooth technology.

The WebCam connects to a computer via USB cable [which is limited to about 30 meters using 5 hubs—not very elegant and not for rainy weather]. So, how do I lengthen the tether or have no tether at all. A bit of brainstorming and I arrive at a laptop that has a Wi-Fi connection to my hub. Through the software I can see the streaming video and control the panohead. Well, my broken Tablet PC [crushed in my ’08 Cycle NC baggage] is even better and cheaper than another laptop. So, off to Motion Computing it went today for repair.

I’ll use a larger 6-volt battery for the panohead for all-day video streaming. I’m modifying one of my waterproof gym bags to hold the Tablet PC, the battery, etc. I may use an umbrella for shade and some rain protection. The first thing that came to mind for rain protection is a coke bottle [of sorts]. I’d want to use glass though. An umbrella introduces a stick in the view for 360° panning. An umbrella may work except for blowing rain. I’ve tested all of the concept [except the rain part] that I’m presenting.

Now, you may ask: how do you get access to the stream? I’ll have a streaming video page for you to select a link to see the vid. I have also tested with the WebCam on my laptop. I’m not sure you want or need close ups of me doing what I do. It is possible, because I’ve tested it. At the Maria Parker coverage, I had my house phone and could have made and received calls from my VOIP phone system. With this setup, video conferencing  is possible.

I’m brief here. Over the next several weeks, I’ll give more details on the development of this package. I do not know if I’ll blogcast again; if I do, I’ll have some cool stuff for you to experience.

I want your comments and ideas. Thanks!


10/30 Tidbit

Photo from Maria's CrewRemember Maria Parker and the 46-seconds iPhone video I shot of her as she passed the lap marker has soared to the number 2 spot on my all time list of page views. My Catrike 700 page formerly held that spot.

Congrats to Maria for being the popular subject in my little vid and garnering such interest. As I shot it, I had no idea how popular it would be. It continues to receive multiple daily views.

Cycling Experiences All Time Top 10 as of 10/30/09

It’s like magic—well almost…

Late last night [or early this morning], around 2:00 a.m., I setup my Tanita BC-1000 Scale, ANT+ USB Stick, and Garmin FR60 Watch, that I received yesterday. The entire process was like magic—uneventful. What a delight to have everything work so smoothly. Thank goodness I have Internet access because I had to download drivers from Garmin for the ANT+ USB stick [seems they would have been on one of the CDs in the package]. Also, to use the FR60 with Garmin Connect [GC] I had to download and install the ANT Agent. At the end of the process all I did [save weighing] worked. GOOD! [pity the poor soul who has no Internet and only wants the watch integrated with the ANT+ stick and the  Healthy Edge Software]. GC has a real nice wizard for the setup.

…the rest of the story…