Welcome to the OWLE Bubo

The OWLE (Optical Widget for Life Enhancement) Bubo is a camera mount; stabilizer, repositioned microphone, and 37 mm wide-angle lens built for the iPhone 3GS that improves the quality of mobile video.

The simplest and yet most effective feature of the OWLE is that it’s built for to be held just like a standard camera. Taking photo’s and video is as much about the device as it is the subject. The OWLE give you the feeling that you can shoot any scene or cover any story with confidence.


The OWLE Bubo constructed of anodized billet aluminum and is basically indestructible. The Bubo is being introduced at a special price of $99.95 (MSRP $129.95) and will include a high quality Vericorder microphone, an aluminum .45x wide-angle/macro combo lens, a rubber iPhone case and an instruction booklet with recommended apps.  This discount will be extended to all of our customers for as long as possible.  We feel that is very important everyone has the ability to get the benefits of an OWLE for under $100 so we will try to make that price work until the plastic option is ready.

The information and pictures above are from the wantowle.com website.

Okay, why am I commenting on this device you ask. I have an iPhone 3GS which I find extremely functional. It is a very good photography platform. I think the OWLE BuBo raises its picture taking ability several notches [audio, lighting, & stability]. Given this functionality, I’m sure we’ll see lot more from innovative users. I’ve read lots about the product and the excitement in its availability [they started taking orders 10/27/09]. The developers Graham McBain & Harold B. Smith IV went from the prototype you see above to shipping in a little over 4 months. Lots of information at their website. And, yes I have one on the way.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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