Potential interesting data~ANT+ Technology

I think this will be a curious walk into technology [I mentioned it earlier] as I try to maintain better fitness in 2010 than I did in 2009. Mind you, I have cycles [7 of them] and I have a Tanita IronMan BC-554 Scale.

But, this is different…

FR60 Train Indoors or Out

In the gym or on the road, Garmin FR60 tracks all your workout data, including time, heart rate, calories burned, lap times and averages, and more. FR60 boasts advanced training tools, such as training alarms and Virtual Partner™, which lets you race against a virtual training partner to improve your performance.

At the heart of its success is FR60’s wireless ANT+™ technology, which allows it to connect to other ANT+ compatible devices, like the included heart rate monitor, optional foot pod, or even ANT+ compatible fitness equipment.

Monitor your health

You can also track weight, body fat, body water and six other measurements when using the FR60 with the Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale. The readings are stored on FR60, then automatically sent to Garmin Connect when in range of your computer.

Add the Tanita BC-1000: 

bc1000 When using the Garmin FR60 or Forerunner 310XT Fitness Watches and their wireless technology, the readings of weight, body fat and body water are wirelessly displayed on the watch, while all nine readings are stored in the watch. When in range of a consumer’s computer, the information is automatically transmitted to the computer using the wireless USB Stick and captured with Tanita’s HealthyEdge Software and Garmin Connect.


A FootPod:

FootPod This tiny foot pod is small enough to attach to your shoelaces or fit in the mid-sole pocket of compatible shoes. It’s always ready to use, and a small, replaceable watch battery powers the foot pod for a year of training. Unlike simple pedometers, this foot pod uses advanced MEMS inertial-sensor technology to analyze your movements and is responsive to stride-length changes to achieve 98% accuracy for speed and distance. Additionally, this sensor measures running cadence to help you optimize your training.

Interesting combination of technology. All the data can be maintained in Garmin Connect [like magic—no wires—no uploads]. The FR60 is not a GPS watch—so no tracking of walking or running route. Call the iPhone 3GS—ready to meet that task with its array of running apps. At this point, I’ll probably do more walking than running [and I use to be a fairly serious runner]. I’m saving what left of my feet.

I do like the idea of recording my weight. In the past, I weighed frequently—just didn’t write it down and never body fat data. Those days will soon be gone. Again, this is an interesting combination of technology.

I’ll keep you informed. –jim

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

7 thoughts on “Potential interesting data~ANT+ Technology”

  1. That ANT is good stuff.
    At a simpler level, cyclists will benefit when it becomes the common technology of wireless cyclocomputers for timing, wheel (distance), crank (cadence), and heart measurements.

    Congratulations, you are about to reach 5000 BROL posts!


    1. Hi Terry,

      I noticed I had one reader from BROL. I should have known. Thanks for the visit and the read, as well as the Congrats. Yep, I see I’m one away from the 5K. I’ve gone slow the last couple days to try to ensure I have meaningful post. For me content is most important. Of course, on occasions, we all gab a bit.

      I just posted to your BROL visitor messageboard. I was wandering if you are awake. I know, its only 10:11 p.m.

      The best & thanks again.


      Yes on ANT & ANT+. I’ve been using the Garmin HRM with my Edge 305 for years now. I like the convenience of this process. BTW, my helmet money bought this. –jim


  2. Have you looked into the IBike Power Meter technology?

    Nephew Don in Bend passed on his wired device to me when they gave him an ANT Wireless to demo. The computer part is excellent. I deduce that the ANT part is even better. I think the ANT people sent me part of their developers package but I won’t do anything with it, I’m retired. Wonder if there is a software interface between their devices and your devices?

    RE: the h….t – this is a public forum, you might be letting a kitten out of the bag when you write about it. Talked to Grant last month. He again said 8 weeks but don’t hold your breath. Next week is 9 weeks. I’ll phone him then just to see if anything new is known.


    1. I am aware if the ibike Power Meter. I followed it closely in its early development. I see they are now at Generation III. I’ll have to read up on it new and see if I should consider their technology now. I know the Garmin Edge 705 accepts ANT+ power meters. At this point, I do not have a device to receive their signal.

      On the kitten. The Internet has lots and you seen Mark’s pic as he rode with Mr. G. I have not specified nor posted pictures. Just the mention of deferral of dollars for now. I’m waiting to post a pic with it on my cat.


  3. Those are some seemingly expensive scales but they do provide a ton of information. I weigh once a month on the first day of the month upon getting out of bed and then track the data along with my ride data in a spreadsheet that I setup for that purpose. The scales we use at home don’t endear much confidence on my part as they can return a different weight results if I step on them 3 times in a row. With the able assistance of my spouse, I also do a chest and waist measurement at the same time but I’m finding that the changes are so small after my initial 30 lb weight loss as to be almost meaningless. I find I have a good approximation of how I’m doing weight and fitness wise based upon how my pants fit! 🙂 I would like to add body fat as a measure and will have to consider that as January 1, 2010 rolls around.

    – Zeke


    1. Hi Zeke, I agree with the “pants fit” method. I’m too large now. I weigh mor frequently. When riding, before & after to ensure proper hydration. Daily to not allow thing to get out of hand and to not loose too rapidly or too much. I’ve used Tanita producs for many years now and like them and their service. Unless you want new or the functionality to port the infomation wirlessly to your computer, my IronMan scales can be made available. –jim


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