Problem Solved ~ Horn Switch ~ 10/22

This is LOUD!

I received the switch Monday, 10/22 and installed it and tested it on Tuesday’s ride. The switch is functional and works as I wanted it to. It is actually a DPDT switch—pushing down gives one sound and a push up another.

This works better for me than the two push-button switches

You may recall in my This is LOUD! article on my horn that I stated there was a problem with the wiring of the switches that came with the horn.

One problem: I found the switches fragile and not wired to preclude shorting, thereby blowing the horn. The individual who soldiered the connections did not use insulating material between the switch post. I’ve ordered a replacement switch where I’ll use one SPDT switch versus the two that came with the horn.

that came with the horn. So, we have another "jalex mod."

The switch is just to the left of the right handlebar grip in the picture to the right. It is water resistant, using a switch boot and heat-shrinkable tubing. The horn can be easily actuated while riding or braking. The CatEye mounts give total flexibility on switch positioning.