My Garmin Migration Update ~ 10/20

Garmin Watch [monitor the migration of my activities from my MotionBased Digest to Garmin Connect as of 9:35 p.m. 10/20, 84 activities remain to be migrated.

Migrated Total MB Activities Total GC Activities
368 452 391
Garmin Connect Garmin Forums

From my Garmin Watch on my Notes Page. This is taking a loooong time. At least only 84 of my activities remain to be migrated. I wonder if that will be completed by the end of the year?

Author: jalexartis

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2 thoughts on “My Garmin Migration Update ~ 10/20”

  1. This does seem like it has taken forever. I seem to recall you having written about this months ago. I thought my VDO Z1 bike computer had crashed and burned so I started getting the “hots” for a Garmin Edge 705. My VDO doesn’t track heart rate so I have the VDO mounted on my stem and a Oregon Scientific heart rate watch mounted on a rubber donut on the handlebars. I also have my camera mount on the handlebars so real estate is getting tight. 🙂 I also have a Garmin Oregon 400T that will handle speed/cadence and give me the GPS features but it will not track heart rate data. I was thinking that the Edge 705 would let me regain some real estate on my handlebars/stem and also add the GPS features. Unfortunately, the pricing is still above what I can even remotely justify at this time. (My wife wouldn’t believe I wrote or even thought that last statement!)

    It does look like you are closing in on getting all of your data moved over though.




    1. Hi Zeke, I used to want a 705, but find my 305s sufficient. When I want color, the iPhone works. I also want HRM, there is not currently an integrated iPhone app that give that and the normal metrics. I’m liking MapMyRide because of the verbal feedback. I’m not forced to read the screen. I’ll bet next year the app I want will be there. Consider the iPhone. It is cheaper that the 705 and more functional, relative to the apps you buy. Good you maintain peace in the home.

      In the days of computing, I’d thought the migration would a have been months at the longest. My remaining 84 are likely my longer rides [most data points]. I glad it is closer than it was. I’m hoping for completion by year’s end.


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