Scale platform as my trike hauler [II]

My readers who have been reading my posts since mid-February, dedicated Catrike 700 geeks & searchers, know or have found the scale platform I built in February[Article 1 & Article 2] has a dual function—ease the weighing of the trike & ease my securing my trike in my van for transport.

CRW_0801.CRW Today, I think the securing part is even more important to ensure a fairing that may be easily damaged does not crash into the side of the van, a seat, or the tail gate. The scale platform in its dual role easily facilitates that.

Here I have placed the platform to the right to make possible the transport of multiple cycles [three, maybe 4]. First the trike…

CRW_0803.CRW CRW_0802-1.CRW CRW_0805-1.CRW

CRW_0807-1.CRW I have the platform somewhat secured against sliding.  Friction helps also, but is not sufficient on its own. I also need anti-roll security. I drove around a bit to learn where additional tie-downs are needed. as a temporary measure today, I used a brick. I’ll use a bungee cord to prevent an inadvertent roll to the left.

025 Yes, I can transport 3, maybe 4 of my 7 cycles at one time. My VK2 can hug the left wall, as it has before [you can barely make out the Zipp Disc Wheel on the left], I think leaving room for my Trek Project One. Of course, I have my most recent mainstay and favorite "bike" to ride in her place. She is my RANS Citi Crank Forward—Faye. Here is what we have so far.


CRW_0030.CRW Now, for the problem. Hauling the trike with the front fairing and tail fairing on will not be possible. I’ve got to remove one or the other [the front is the easiest]; remove the front seat [done that before]; get a larger van or trailer [a bigger van works better for me].

I do not have the fairing at the moment and I have no place to transport the trike, so no immediate urgency. OTOH, transporting the trike for local rides will be a chore–easiest—remove the seat again. I think I need to price used Ford Econoline Vans.

The picture to the left is from February 2009 and shows trike transport [front fairing on] with the right-front seat removed. This was for travel to the ’09 Catrike Rally in Winter Garden, Florida.

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