Scale platform as my trike hauler [II]

My readers who have been reading my posts since mid-February, dedicated Catrike 700 geeks & searchers, know or have found the scale platform I built in February[Article 1 & Article 2] has a dual function—ease the weighing of the trike & ease my securing my trike in my van for transport.

CRW_0801.CRW Today, I think the securing part is even more important to ensure a fairing that may be easily damaged does not crash into the side of the van, a seat, or the tail gate. The scale platform in its dual role easily facilitates that.

Here I have placed the platform to the right to make possible the transport of multiple cycles [three, maybe 4]. First the trike…

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Silk weigh-in, w/Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing


February 19, 2009, at the Silk touring mode weigh-in:

I got the final weight of a loaded Catrike 700. It comes at a weight of 33 lbs. Add 27 lbs of gear, accessories, equipment, and water and I have a 60 lb trike. Actually, the weight is just a few tenths below the 60-pound mark. Again, this is Silk in the touring mode. Tomorrow, I’ll check her weight in the lite-mode. This is the mode she is normally ridden in. Of course, I took a few pictures again today and here they are.


February 29, 2009, at the Silk-lite weigh-in:

Having removed the panniers, rack, and rack bag, I weighed my Catrike 700 today. Those accessories off, Silk weighs in at 53 pounds. Again, that’s 33 pounds for the trike and 20 pounds for everything else, including water & tools. It is possible to ride lighter or heavier, relative to small items being removed or added. I do not think that would amount to 5lbs either way. Anyway, here are today’s photographs.


Today, many items removed and Goblin Cricket Fairing in place with all other accessories in place and we have 58 pounds. Now, that is without water. The fairing weighs just over 12 pounds. The weight of the trike today compare favorably with the trike rigged for touring (60lbs) [top photo]. I have to place the front fairing back on the trike[waiting for Catrike’s help with the mod]. I’m thinking under 63 pounds. Okay, you have it. Thanks! –jim

more pictures