Don is well and will post soon [10/13]

I‘m still waiting for Don’s post. I check his site daily. Today, I read comments from his last post and find he is quite well and in now in Seattle, Washington. Here are two of his most recent comments.

Hi Stephen S: Oh, I’m fine. I generally don’t do updates much more than once a week, and sometimes even a little less (like, after as long as 10 days). I have a friend poised to post a ‘final update’ for me, should I wind up in that Big Stealth Camp In The Sky. So, as long as you don’t see *that*, know that I am indeed, okay, and have just backlogged some entries. I thank you for your concern, though. Cheerios! (crunch, crunch!)

Hi Leslie: Oh, your parents were just wonderful! They stuffed me with more good, home cooking, and your dad and I spent hours going over our respective photo collections – it was great. Yes, I escaped all forms of precipitation getting from Boise to Seattle (yaybo!), but experienced the coldest cold temps I’ve seen on this whole trip. I did manage to survive with all my toes and fingers, though. Read all about it in the upcoming updates to the blog. Thanks for the well wishes for the rest of my trip – this last leg oughta be more exciting than I would like, which I just how I like it. ;~Don

October 13, 2009 1:59 AM

Wishing his continued success as he nears the end…

The best sir!

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