A Champion Defined

In this case the new woman recumbent 12-hour distance world record holder ~ Maria Parker

The formula seems simple enough: 

Maria Parker + The Yellow Bike

Maria & CREW


A record 241+ miles in 12 hours averaging 20.08 mph ~ 32.32 km/h and a new CHAMPION

Then there are those behind the scene who developed the Silvio Cruzbike like John Tolhurst, a Co Owner of the company who coached and cheered from Australia as Maria rode. I’m sure there are many others who have received Maria’s gratitude: her children[Will was on-hand to keep mom supplied]; many friends who cheered her on as she peddled by; even White Oak families who may not have totally understood exactly what was happening.  They all played a part in this CHAMPION’S success. So, for Maria, I say THANK you all!!! –jim

Now for one more look at the Yellow Bike

Maria gets German coverage 10/13

German Site

English translation

What was Maria Parker riding?

SilvioTosPhoto1024x799Glad you asked. Okay, I know you know that Maria started her world record ride on her "Yellow Bike," a Silvio you think; and, that she finished on her husband’s Silvio, his "Black Bike." But, you are asking: What is a Silvio? Who makes it? Where can you get more information about it? Where can you ride one? What’s new coming from Cruzbike?

You have given me a lot of questions here. I’ll answer them as best I can.

Let’s begin with the picture to the left. It is a Silvio, one of four production bikes from Cruzbike, an American company founded in 2006 by a U.S. Physician, Dr. Jim Parker, and an Australian Inventor, John Tolhurst. Maria Parker, a world record holder,  is also a Co Owner. The founders say:

The history of the bicycle stretches many generations and many variations and today culminates in the Cruzbike, a design that brings greater safety than the traditional safety bike. In its historical context, the Cruzbike with its rotated body position and pedal driven front wheel can be seen as the logical development of the standard, ‘safety’ bike.

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