46-seconds of Maria Parker in action

CRW_0734.CRW Maria Parker, recumbent cyclist, sets a world record riding Silvio Cruzbike Recumbent Cycles for a distance of just over 241 miles along a 20-mile loop at White Oak, in Bladen County, North Carolina on October 10, 2009. Congratulations to Maria and her team. CRW_0723.CRW

See a more complete video here.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

2 thoughts on “46-seconds of Maria Parker in action”

  1. Thanks Jim for your delightful (and flattering) coverage. Your presence there made a memorable day even more wonderful. Your enthusiasm for our record attempt and the terrific pictures and video were a great gift to the Cruzbike team. We cannot thank you enough!


    1. Hello Maria,

      I trust you are well today. It is very good to hear from you. What a day, yesterday was. I think we will always remember 10/10/09. I was my pleasure to try and capture some of what you did. It is nice to know that you appreciate it. You are certainly welcome. Enjoy the pictures. I look forward to seeing Brad’s video. Thanks again Maria and take care. –jim


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