Maria, the night before [the BIG ride]

She says:

Fri, Oct 09 09 – 18:41Maria Parker

Finally, it’s the night before.  We’ve had Doug Burton here all day today and most of yesterday tuning my bike, and Jim’s (for a back up). I’ve got my water, goo, and tea bottles filled, my little baggies of pretzels and food, my sunglasses, sun screen advil, mp3 player, helmet, etc. ready to go.  Now if I can only sleep.  I’ve been having anxiety dreams the last few nights. I think I’m tired enough to sleep deeply if for only a few hours tonight. We’ll wake early and leave here by 5:15 am.  I start pedaling at 6:30. I’m so grateful for all the support from the Cruzbike community.  Wish me luck tomorrow!

and well she didMaria’s post ride story.

It has been a delight bringing this story [and those of other cyclist] to you as I blog on Cycling Experiences…


Well, it wasn’t the disc wheel & crosswinds after all.

Doug Burton changing wheels on the Yellow BikeCrosswinds can be nasty and can affect a rider’s ability to control their bike. This was not the case on Saturday, 10/10/09, when Maria Parker went down from perhaps a slight loss on concentration on her part [link to her story—a MUST read].

Doug Burton says:

During our post-race discussion and download, we concluded that the discs had nothing to do with the incident. Now I’m afraid the word’s getting out that the discs were at fault, when really they made a big difference in her early blazing laps that covered us for time lost in our mishap.

My Velokraft VK2 ~ Cycle NC '08, White Lake, NC I’m trusting I’ve done my part to help clarify any misconception that may have resulting from near real-time coverage of Maria Parker’s amazing feat. As a cyclist who rides a VK2 with a rear-wheel disc. I’ve not had a problem with cross-winds. That is just my experience. I do ride closer to the ground than many cyclist and that can make a difference.


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