Maria Parker ~ Update #04 ~ 10/10/2009

Maria Parker’s Quest for a World Record

Well, my dear readers,

Maria Parker did it! She rode 241+ miles in 12 hours to set a World Record for a woman on a recumbent bicycle. Congratulation to Maria and her team. They were awesome today. Maria endured a fall and a change of bicycles and still persevered. You are our heroine. Maria, we are indeed proud of you and your accomplishments. The best…

It is DONE!
It is DONE!
It is DONE!
It is DONE! It is DONE! It is DONE! It is DONE!

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

8 thoughts on “Maria Parker ~ Update #04 ~ 10/10/2009”

  1. Congrats Maria, great job! All things considered, one of the most impressive recumbent records ever IMO.

    Jim…thanks for keeping us updated.



    1. Good Morning Eric,

      Likewise, my pleasure in meeting you. Delighted you came to support Maria. I’m hoping the pictures help show some of what happened as Maria met the challenge of distinguishing herself among athletes. –jim


  2. I may just have to look into getting one of those bikes, if a mere woman can do so well on it! Only kidding!!! Put down the clubs and nooses! Seriously, I am in awe of her accomplishment. And seriously #2, that does look like an interesting bike… And thanks for the reports, Jim. While you all were off doing those things, I was helping check the water quality of a nearby stream – I would rather have been with y’all.


    1. Hi Larry,

      Thanks for commenting. I’ll have a version of one soon–the Vendetta. Maria accomplishment is awe inspiring. I was amazed how well she held her pace. I might have been at the Sea Gull Century. Glad I missed it! –jim


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