jalexartis remote pre-setup for Maria’s World Record Attempt ~ 10/10/09

jalexartis remote pre-setup

I think I am ready. Is it me or was it 24 years in the U.S. Army that says setup and use to ensure there are no surprises? I have 2 laptops; my VOIP telephone; my iPhone & iPod Touch; a scanner; 3 cameras [iPhone included]; my RANS Citi Crank Forward; chargers, a cooler, rented a canopy for sun & rain. Anything else? My Maria Parker Photoset on flickr.

jalexartis remote pre-setup jalexartis remote pre-setup jalexartis remote pre-setup jalexartis remote pre-setup

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Don Saito ~ Amazing Cyclist [10/09]

A month ago, I gave you an update on Don. He was then in NW Angle, Minnesota. As of his last update he was in Boise, Idaho. That was October 4, 2009,—no metrics. As soon as he updates with metrics, I’ll post another article.

Wishing his continued success as he nears the end…

The best sir!