Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing weigh-in

Fairing on Scale

The manufacturer says:

…the Cricket Tail Fairing that has storage on both sides. The price is $1195 plus $150 shipping. There is a lot more labor to make this part. Easily holds water supplies and more on both sides with ports to pass drinking tubes through to the rider. Weight approx. 9 lbs.

My fairing weighs in a few tenths over 12 pounds. The fairing has 2 drink tubes [no bladders for this weighing]. An AC adapter to charge my Li-Ion USB Battery and 2 Silk Vinyl Graphics. Of course, I painted the interior–90% coverage. Add all that together—3 pounds???  Just wanted to check the weight and include it in my blog for the record. Noted! BTW, the left-side Silk Graphic is in and on the fairing.