Panorama Test Shoot ~ 10/07

Using my iPhone 3Gs I shot this panorama using the iFone Guys Panorama App for the iPhone. Except for shooting in the shade, the image was easily shot and processed. I delivered it to my computer using email.

I’m hoping to get a few pano’s Saturday, during Maria’s ride. Then, I plan to incorporate more in panoramas in my photo shoots.

I hope you will check my flickr photostream on Saturday and see if there are any interesting pics & vids to be seen.



the setup in front of the panorama

Bladen County, NC Weather Forecast

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Saturday Hourly Forecast

Comments from John Tolhurst ~ 10/07


John Tolhurst
John Tolhurst, Co Founder and Design Director, comments on my tracking spreadsheet.
John’s Baby ~ The Vendetta
Maybe a world record with this baby!

John Tolhurst Comments


Hi John, I’m happy to live near the location of the record attempt and to have a medium where I can share information and experiences. The best to you, your team, and to the Parkers. I appreciate your comments and look forward to the day I can ride a Vendetta. –jim

Maria Parker’s World Record Quest ~ 10/10

Maria rode her Cruzbike Silvio [her “Yellow Bike“] & her husband’s Black Silvio. They are movable bottom bracket recumbents, with front wheel drive. She is looking to ride a longer distance on her ‘bent than any other woman has in a 12-hour time period, where the ride was a Ultramarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) sanctioned event. The best to Maria and her team.
Maria's Loop

The most challenging climb of all The most challenging climb of all The most challenging climb of all The most challenging climb of all
LapCounter Actual
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In addition to lap metrics, I’ll post pictures & videos to my flickr photostream. To the degree I can, I’ll post articles about the event. Check this site for the most current info on Maria’s ride.

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