Not all ideas work ~ 10/05

Stereo Speakers

I had 3 iPhone speaker options [the internal, the iHome Speaker I used before, & a pair iHome stereo speakers]. The last 2 options require power. I had the 3rd option configured to work, but thought it more complex than I want, thus the entry of a 4th option from BROL [the link has them for less than I paid for them]. It was worth a try, but did not work for me. The sound quality is not as good and the volume level is much lower.

The speakers behave to same on my laptop computer. I expected the non-powered speaker to have better volume and sound quality because of their size. This is not the case for me. At, this point, I will probably go with the internal speaker and live with slightly less sound richness.

Hey, I’d never know if I had not given them a try. They are working for other BROL members.


Author: jalexartis

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