Did you catch this? [from my 10/01 post]

Trike & Fairing setup

Probably not. You would have had to click on the photo [to be taken to flickr to see a larger image]. Then, if paying attention, you may have said: What is Jim doing with an AC plug on his trike? But then, you might have said: …another of his wacky geek ideas.

Okay, so, what’s up???

No, it is not used to recharge the battery that runs the motor to propel my CT700. It is the plug of an AC adapter to charge my external USB battery to gives me the range [that many complain about] necessary to use my iPhone 3GS while cycling over  25-30 miles.

Rather that carry the adapter, I have it connected to the battery in the front-right pocket of my new CT700 Catrike Seat Cover. When I need to charge the battery, then it’s only a matter of plugging in the power cord.

I use Velcro to secure the adapter in the "trunk." and have a little wrap thingy to store the extra cord.

 Adapter, cord thingy, & battery Adapter, cord thingy, & battery Cord Wrap [thingy] external Li-Ion USB Battery
Adapter & cord wrap AC Adapter [plugs exposed before] Battery & right-side drink tube Battery & right-side drink tube

Hey, works for me!


I was at 34% battery after about 1.5 hrs on the bike. I’ll use my external USB Battery, on rides over 29 miles.

BTW, I have a similar setup for my RANS Citi Cruzbike.

In that post, I said:

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