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A long time ago [09/18] , I showed you…

how I attached my DiNotte 1299L Headlight to my RANS Citi Crank Forward Bike.

DiNotte 1200L Headlight Installed

To ease transferring the light from cycle to cycle I modified the mount to use the same attachment process that I use on my trike. Care to guess where the bracket added to the Terracycle Accessory Mount [bottom pictures] came from?

DiNotte 1200L Mount Altered DiNotte 1200L Mount Altered DiNotte 1200L Mount Altered

With this modification, I only have to remove the screw and take it to the other cycle. I’m working on having the nut in place. It is there on the trike, but not the Citi. Before, I had to remove the strap and attach the base you see below. The mod eliminate that. Further, I no longer have to be concerned with the possibility of the strap breaking or having a standby strap.

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Did you catch this? [from my 10/01 post]

Trike & Fairing setup

Probably not. You would have had to click on the photo [to be taken to flickr to see a larger image]. Then, if paying attention, you may have said: What is Jim doing with an AC plug on his trike? But then, you might have said: …another of his wacky geek ideas.

Okay, so, what’s up???

No, it is not used to recharge the battery that runs the motor to propel my CT700. It is the plug of an AC adapter to charge my external USB battery to gives me the range [that many complain about] necessary to use my iPhone 3GS while cycling over  25-30 miles.

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Reply from Dr. Parker ~ 10/05

  Dr. Jim Parker

Dr. Jim Parker [ M.D. Cruzbike Co Founder and CEO ] responds to my Cruzbike Forums Posts. Of course, Jim is Maria’s husband. They both ride Silvios.

 2008 Cycle North Carolina ~ Lincolnton, North Carolina ~ Day2

Dr Parker's 1005 reply

I look forward to the cycling experience in store for us on Saturday. The best to the Parker’s in this endeavor. I definitely plan to be there and will do my best to give you some real-time reports. –jim

Not all ideas work ~ 10/05

Stereo Speakers

I had 3 iPhone speaker options [the internal, the iHome Speaker I used before, & a pair iHome stereo speakers]. The last 2 options require power. I had the 3rd option configured to work, but thought it more complex than I want, thus the entry of a 4th option from BROL [the link has them for less than I paid for them]. It was worth a try, but did not work for me. The sound quality is not as good and the volume level is much lower.

The speakers behave to same on my laptop computer. I expected the non-powered speaker to have better volume and sound quality because of their size. This is not the case for me. At, this point, I will probably go with the internal speaker and live with slightly less sound richness.

Hey, I’d never know if I had not given them a try. They are working for other BROL members.