Well, you have seen these, but NOT THESE

What will be What will be What will be What will be

These were taken August 5, 2009, before return of the damaged fairing for repair.

Zeke, these are for you [and my other readers]. Sorry for the delay.

CT700 Night Lights II ~ Cover shot
CT700 Night Lights II CT700 Night Lights II CT700 Night Lights II
CT700 Night Lights II CT700 Night Lights II CT700 Night Lights II

These were taken @9:20 p.m. EDT [with a full moon] and are comparable to these.


At the end of the day, I think I can [will] be seen and I can see the road in front of me. Where I may not be seen, I should be heard. Cycling is about minimizing risk. Although low and riding an all black trike, I think I have taken actions to minimize, to the degree that I can, my risk. Mindful, that I am an experienced rider and try to ride defensively. Trusting this works for me and hoping that through this blog, I may have given other riders ideas about their safe riding, day or night. –jim

This is LOUD!

Removed the 115db AirZound Horn. I like it; but, decided electrical will work best for this trike at this time. I have a 122db gadget [GaleForce Two Tone Police/EMS Bicycle Siren] on the way. Removing the AirZound Horn freed a seat pocket for my DiNotte Headlight battery [distance trike riding at night will be with 3 DiNotte 4-cell batteries, plus a spare for the 1200L Headlight]. Awaiting delivery…

The horn. I replaced my AirZound 115bd Horn with a 122db 9-volt battery powered horn from Bike Tac, called GaleForce. I ask before I purchased the horn if there is a louder horn and was told there is not. Having it in my hands, I’m a believer. [more on decibels]

I wanted the better my AirZound horn; eliminate the need to fill the air bottle; and, extend the period that I had to act to have the protection of a horn. In this case, replace the battery. I’ll carry a spare battery.

I am pleased with the sound potential. Like the AirZound, I can tap the switch and get lower levels of sound. Hold it on for a second or so and you’ll get a LOUD blast. BikeTac.com gives us a wma file to hear the sound of the horn. I think you get to know what the sound will be, not how loud it is. The horn is sold for police & EMS use. I asked if there are restrictions in North Carolina. The seller is not aware of any. I researched on my own and found none. Short burps will get one’s attention.

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