I rode Maria’s 20-Mile White Oak NC Loop

My Ride of Maria's Loop

My speed was no where near impressive. Maria’s will be. Where I could have gone faster, I would spin out due to my single-speed gearing. Anyway, the course was fun to ride—lots of scrub oak and pine trees. The elevation profile is true to my feeling. Started well, lost .8 mph average speed through about mid course and gained back .6 mph through the end of the course. I had to stop at the beginning to pick up my small camera. I dropped out of my pocket.

I rode the course [as a part of my homework] to know what Maria will see, the condition of the roads, and to determine if there are special challenges. I think the course is suited for the task at hand and Maria will do very well. The topography and scenery is basically uninteresting—mostly trees and vegetation, with a few residential structures here and there—more the last 5 miles of the course. I think I counted 3 sets of unrestrained dogs [a pair, a single, and another pair]. The single dog was the only one to chase. I commanded stay. I think it worked. This was just before the left-turn on to Gum Shaw Road.

PA020007 PA020004 PA020005 PA020006

Maria rides the route and I’m sure knows all a rider need to not be caught off guard. I enjoyed the ride and may go back to ride the course on my Trek Project One—just to see what my splits are. I’m not in the condition I was last year; but, …


MMR Map I wanted to ride with my MotionX-GPS iPhone App. But, because of a GPX problem with the file from RideWithGPS.com, I used MapMyRide instead. I like the spoken data give every mile. OTOH, I was at 34% battery after about 1.5 hrs on the bike. I’ll use my external USB battery, on rides over 29 miles. I had a problem saving my ride to the Internet [neither 3G, nor Edge are fast enough]. The file did not upload until I connected to my home Wi-Fi. The start and end points are slightly different than the Edge 305 data above, because I didn’t get the push to start screen when I wanted it.


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