Cain’s Grill, White Oak, North Carolina


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Cains is the best in bladen county……… – Cains Grill White Oak, 28399

Cains is the best in bladen county………

the burgers that CAINTS GRILL serves are the best in bladen county. the way they make there burgers just has that something special taste. the hotdogs are very good too. if you pass by the grill early they have a great breakfast line up too.
ive been eating them for over 40yrs. i pass by cains on the way to White Lake without stopping. they are that great!!!!


January 15, 2007 by maX in Fayetteville, NC

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Cains Grill

Merchant Ratings The best anywhere

I regularly drive 25 miles to eat at Cain’s. I’ve eaten burgers all the way from Los Angeles to Rhode Island to Miami, FL, and NOTHING in better than a Cain’s cheeseburger. NOTHING.

July 19, 2008 by Risa in Fayetteville, NC

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I rode Maria’s 20-Mile White Oak NC Loop

My Ride of Maria's Loop

My speed was no where near impressive. Maria’s will be. Where I could have gone faster, I would spin out due to my single-speed gearing. Anyway, the course was fun to rideā€”lots of scrub oak and pine trees. The elevation profile is true to my feeling. Started well, lost .8 mph average speed through about mid course and gained back .6 mph through the end of the course. I had to stop at the beginning to pick up my small camera. I dropped out of my pocket.

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