Maria Parker’s 10/10 World Record Attempt


Go to the Maria’s route above in [introduced to us by BROL member Joao in this thread. Thanks!

See this 09/30 press release on Maria Parker’s 12-hour ride.

Maria has given me the okay to be a spectator. She invites others as well. I plan to witness her effort first hand.

Maria says:

Thank you all again for the encouragement. I have 10 days left! …enjoying the taper. I did my last "Suffer-O-Rama" (Spinerval DVD) on the indoor trainer this morning. We just had the course certified and it’s 19.994164 miles taking the shortest possible path (crossing through on-coming traffic around blind curves, etc.) each loop. That’s about 31 feet shy of 20 miles. Hopefully the wind and the hog trucks will be light that day.

You see the mapping above has the distance at 20.1 miles and the course is certified at 19.994164 miles. At the end of the day, we will see the official distance she rode.  Again, the best to Maria as she continues to prepare. Now, 9 more days…

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