Here she is [October 2009 edition]…

She, of course is Silk, one of my 2 [of seven] named cycles. I’m not sure why, except when I say Silk or Faye, others know the exact cycle, I’m referring to. [One day, I’ll post a story about that]. Anyway, it has been 9 days since the disappointing 2nd arrival of a damaged [08/04 & 09/21] Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing. Likely, you’ve read the details of the 09/21 experience [post#1 & Post#2].

Well, during the last 10 days, I’ve been publishing other articles and working like mad on details of my fairing fitting to my Catrike 700. I used several days in August [first delivery] to get a good fit  and then wrote about things I like and do not like about the fairing. You’ve seen the list. Now, I can add a few more dislikes and bold some of my likes. I do think the paint finish is stunning, although I see imperfections I do not recall from the 08/04 delivery.

Okay, here she is. May I call her the New Silk… [BROL Thread] & [Catrike Thread]

Trike & Fairing setup ~ cover shot

Trike & Fairing setup ~ her name Trike & Fairing setup ~ her name Trike & Fairing setup ~ her name

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Maria Parker’s 10/10 World Record Attempt


Go to the Maria’s route above in [introduced to us by BROL member Joao in this thread. Thanks!

See this 09/30 press release on Maria Parker’s 12-hour ride.

Maria has given me the okay to be a spectator. She invites others as well. I plan to witness her effort first hand.

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