Significant Silk update tomorrow ~ 10/01/09

Sometime on the 1st of October, I’ll post all that has been going on with my Catrike 700 [Silk] since 09/21/09, the day I received my Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing [storage version] the second time. I think I’ve been pretty busy. I think you will find what I’ve done interesting. The post may be up as early as midnight tonight [started working on it yesterday, 09/29].



Update1: I will not post the article until tomorrow afternoon–maybe around 2:00 p.m. EDT. Sorry for the delay.

Update2 @ 1:46 p.m. EDT 10/01 : Now, between 3:00 & 4:00 p.m. If you are anxious, check my flickr photostream.

Update3: It [the Silk Article] went up at 3:42 p.m. EDT 10/01.