75,000 Hits since 11/30/2008

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Now that we are here, it does not seem to have been a long time. We will soon be coming up on a year with WordPress.com. I think is has been a very good year, which I attribute to my readers. As we reach milestones, I’ve marked most with a thank you. The links above take you to my post on the date indicated. I am also thankful that I discovered Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer, which has ease some aspects of publishing, especially picture placement and my ability to use tables to do so.

I decided to mark this milestone with a little quiz and a $75 giveaway. The winner is…

Looks like we may see about 90K as we wrap up a year 11/30. If  we are really fortunate, maybe 100K about the first of the year.

Thanks again for all that you do!