Record Setting Ride


Maria Parker rides her Cruzbike Silvio to a 12-hour record at Saratoga, New York

Maria Parker, Co Owner of Cruzbike Inc, rode 211 miles in 12 hours, Saturday, July 11, 2009, in Saratoga County, New York on her Yellow Silvio Cruzbike. In riding 211 miles, she set the recumbent 12-hour course record for women and went farther than any previous female road biker had ever done in the annual Saratoga long distance event. Congratulations to Maria, her husband, Jim Parker, M.D., Co Founder and CEO, to John Tolhurst, Co Founder and Design Director, and all others involved in the valiant  result.

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A Single-Speed Silvio?

I‘m loving my RANS Citi Crank Forward so much that I want to repeat it in a MMB [movable bottom bracket] setup- In this case the Silvio or its time trial alter ego—the Vendetta. Here is what I know:

From John Tolhurst [Cruzbike Co Founder and Design Director—Perth, Australia]

A gearing setup with a gain ration [GR] between 2 and 8 will work with the Silvio. I have a GR of 4 with my Citi. John suggest shorter cranks to allow for a higher cadence and save my knees. I concur.

John looked at my CF setup and says:

Nice build! There is something very satisfying about the tight chainline, something very machine-like and masculine. The sigma has the same thing when its snail cams are used to keep the chain adjusted just-so. The Eno Eccentric Hub looks like it works well – you are satisfied with it?

Yes! I am definitely satisfied with my Eno Eccentric Hub.

Yesterday, I spoke with the mechanic at my LBS who built up my RANS Citi. He say the Eno setup will work with the Silvio MBB and fork and he does not see any problem for me with such a setup. BTW, this is the same mechanic who made adjustments to Mrs. Maria Parker’s Yellow Silvio before her record setting ride in New York.

Now the Vendetta [Silvio TT] bike. John has published two articles:

Frame prototype:

DSCN1120smlI like this frame setup more than the original Silvio frame. I have no idea when it may be available. OTOH, I’m in no rush for this build. Just letting you know what I’m thinking.

My BROL  & Cruzbike threads on this build.