The cleanup ~ DiNotte 1200L mounting

CRW_0545.CRW Mounting on my CT700. Sometimes, I mount for fit and to capture some quick pictures and then go back for adjustments and other minor modifications. In this case I reversed the DiNotte B4 [28.6-31.8 mm] Handlebar Mount so that the screws are on the left side so I have easy access for tightening and removal. Of course, so does anyone who wants to attempt a quick grab.

CRW_0548.CRW I also, placed a lock washer between the mounting arm and the base of the light so it cannot inadvertently rotate into the chain rings. I shortened the arm and rounded its end to match the light’s mounting base. The last adjustment was to add a zip tie onto the derailleur cable to tidy up the installation and reduce the fall distance should the worst happen. Other Pics [1 & 2].


This is it!