Modified Light Mount

DiNotte Headlight Mounting

Notice the headlight is mounted off-center in this photo. Actually, the same is true in most on DiNotte’s pictures of their headlight mounts. I prefer my light be centered. How to do that?

I used a DiNotte B4 [28.6-31.8 mm] Handlebar Mount to go on the handlebar stem. To it I attached a modified Terracycle Accessory Mount to hold the light. In reality, this places a "short" handlebar in front of the handlebar and allows for center placement of the light.


Modified headlight mounting bracketAs done, it will nicely integrates the light, bars, and Topeak TourGuide Bag and yields a professional, finished look. Well, i like it anyway. Now, given this is to be a multi-use light, the question is how will I mount it on my other cycles that I’ll ride at night. I will use a similar setup for my Trek Project One [until it becomes a donor bike for a Silvio Cruzbike]. I’ll have to design a bracket for my Catrike 700 that places the light forward of my [awaiting modification Mueller Windwrap XT Fairing—now at the Catrike Factory]. I will also find a placement location for mounting when the fairing is not installed. For now, here’s what I have done for my RANS Citi [Faye] Crank Forward.

Post Canada & Florida Changes
Post Canada & Florida Changes
Post Canada & Florida Changes Post Canada & Florida Changes

BTW, a DiNotte 1200L Headlight is on order.

Have I ever said how much I enjoy riding my Citi single-speed bike?