Goblin Fairing Update—09/15

P1010016-2 CRW_0429.CRW When I last commented on my fairing, I was returning it for repair. That was 08/12. Today, I was informed that it is in the hands of FedEx again and is to arrive Monday, 09/21. That will be 40 days since it shipped. I’m further informed that it is packed with lots of foam and has been shipped in the cardboard box that i used to return it for repair. I am optimistic. Mr. Bales will be first to know its condition on arrival.

New from DiNotte [’09]

1200L …and you thought the 800L was bright [I take it that it is]. Now, DiNotte gives us a 1200L headlight. WOW! I have a replacement headlight on my list and was planning on the 800L, but given the cost of the 1200, it seems reasonable to also consider it. I learned of its existence a few weeks ago when I purchased my last set of 400L [now on my RANS Citi Crank Forward]. I’m happy the price of the 2 products is a close as it is.


BTW, the 800L has a new black face plate [right] around the LEDs.

  Old 800L New 800L

This is the latest info I can find from DiNotte. I look forward to well lit rides. –jim

Is it time to reconsider???

The first decision to be made was weather to go purchase the Silvio Cruzbike frameset–a FWD-Recumbent, where I’d have to add components and wheels, or the purchase a Tadpole Recumbent–trike, and ride with many BROIL friends. The decision was easy. There are many more trike riders than Cruzbike riders, and few of those are Silvio riders. Maybe one day…

Back in December 2007, I decided to purchase a Catrike 700 [well, you know Silk] rather than a Silvio Cruzbike frameset. Actually, I’ve made 2 cycle purchases [The RANS Citi Crank Forward—Faye, being the other] and no Silvio yet. Plus, there is now a forum.

Uploaded on June 27, 2009, by Nanda  of Spincyclz Could/should it be time for this bike? My Trek Project One would be the component donor bike.

Just something to think about. I welcome your comments. –jim