This is a good read

Blessings Given

If you want to know more about the character of Rafael Giraldo [Mr. Giraldo], read his book "Blessings Given."

I began writing about his journey across America in June 2009, after gathering as much information about him as I could from his Tour of Discovery Website. Over the many weeks of triking across the U.S.A., we developed a friendship. I am fortunate to have been able to ride with him the last 2 days of his journey and witness first-hand the love and emotions displayed as he completed his 3,800 mile, 86-day tour. I am blessed to have conversed with him over the 100+ miles we rode.

"Blessings Given" tells us who Rafael is and how he views life. I feel rewarded and refreshed having read the book. It is easily a couple of hours read. I think you will enjoy Mr. Giraldo’s story and gain a deeper appreciating of what motivates this young man.