Remember Mike Bowe-Rahming ~ The People We Meet

In January 2009, I featured Mike [and family] in my 01/04 article. Mike is a Navy Diver and recumbent cyclist–the rider of a RANS  Force 5 high racer. Mike and family are now in Italy–Catania actually. It is located on the island of Sicily.

9-10-2009 7-54-56 AM


6090_1182982087589_1019332780_30575540_8330371_s Mike’s wife, Nicole "Nik", is joining him in cycling.

They, along with other cyclist, recently did a 24-miler to the town of Sferro, Italy also on the island of Sicily. It was Nik’s FIRST distance ride, so that was the exciting part. Mike has posted some pictures for us to see! [courtesy of Bud Turner from his Biciciletti Album and Mike from his Nik’s first LONG ride! Album]

The crew! Dude...they're FAR! Hey, I can see my toes! Here they come!
Nik made it! Yeah baby, cappuccino & brioche, breakfast of champions-in-the-making! Congratulation from Jim to Nik The pack!
On the stretch home...! HOO YAH Nik, you made it! 24 miles - DONE!!!!
So, where is Sferro, Italy???
region map.cgi map.cgi map2

Thanks Mike for sharing and giving us this story. CONGRATS to Nicole on completing your first distance ride and hope that you will have many more. Thanks Guys! –jim

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