African Cyclist

I reported this 04/04.


Exciting things are happening for Team Rwanda. I still find nothing new on the story of Zakayo Ndbri & Mwangi Samwel. The information on their web site remains as I reported it above.

Rwandan rider Niyonshuti faces a new future at the Tour of Ireland [08/21].

Adrien with Lance at the Tour of Ireland…

August 21, 2009

Written by: Jock Boyer

Here is this morning in front of 90 accredited press agencies..and television crews from around the world… Lance asked Adrien to be with him at the start.. this was not a “posed” photo.. it was by Lance’s request when he heard Adrien’s story and what the MTN team is doing in African for African riders… Lance wants Adrien to succeed.

The best to the Rwanda Project and to Team Rwanda.

Remember Sonny Neumiller ~ People We Meet

IThink the shirt and expression say it all. I pretty much left every ounce of energy, blood, sweat, and tears on the hills leading to the ferry. published a brief article on Sonny 08/03, a hand cyclist on his way to Seattle, Washington from from Yorktown, Virginia. He and Mr. Giraldo exchanged greetings in Chanute, Kansas on Day58 of Mr. G’s Tour of Discovery. Well, Sonny has reached the end of his journey, doing so 09/02—just two days after Mr. Giraldo.

I must give you Sonny’s words from his journal.

Seattle: Home Sweet Home

Wednesday September 2, 2009, 47 miles (76 km) – Total so far: 2,251 miles (3,623 km)

Stayed at a hotel in Shelton because we could not find a campground within 10 miles. I was updated my journal until 2am so Connor, our early riser, woke Nate and I up and slowly started moving North. Connor took the longer, steeper, but more scenic route and Nate and I headed the wrong way on Hwy 3. Of course we did not realize it until we climbed 1 1-/2 miles, up a hill. Rushing back down the hill to get to the ferry on time my front tire blew out hitting a large rock. Then the patched tire only made it 1/4 mile. So we switched to an oversize tube. So now we really need to do the hustle. Connor waited in Belfair and found a new tire and tube at a hardware store. With 14 miles to go and 2 hours I went ahead solo and Nate and Connor had some lunch and brew (s)? Of course the road to Port Orchard and the Southworth ferry was full of hills, seemly steeper and longer as I progressed. Knowing I had to make the 4pm ferry I took every ounce of strength left in my body and right shoulder and cranked knowing the boys were about to catch me any minute. Well I made the ferry by seconds but guess what, the lunch crowd two were still 2 miles away and could not believe I made it up all those hills and they still did not catch up with me. So we caught the 5pm ferry and headed to Alki were my friends and family had been waiting. I was shocked to the amount of people who showed up as well as telling others who were passing by.
Cuz Connor pulled my w/c down for me for the last time I dismounted my bike, enjoyed my company and dipped my front tire into the Puget Sound to end this chapter of my life.

Amazing accomplishment for Sonny and all by hand. CONGRATULATIONS on completing your journey and the best to your daughter in her wedding.

Remember Don Saito ~ Amazing Cyclist

I reported on him just over a month ago [08/08]. He was then in North Turner, Maine. Well a month later, he’s in NW Angle, Minnesota 09/02 as per his 09/04 blog entry. That means he is somewhere west of that location as he continues his trek to circle the contiguous 48 states.

Metrics update:

Day One Hundred Eighty-six, Date Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Time in Saddle: 10:23
Distance for the Day: 102.38 miles From Pitt To NW Angle, MN
Accumulated Trip Distance: 9229.2 miles
Altitudes: Starting/Ending 942’/915’, Highest: 975’ Accumulated: 449’
Speeds: Avg: 9.8 mph, Max: 18.9 mph
Weather: 45°
Expenditures: $15

I notice the temperature dropping and Don has the western states to cross. Wishing him the best as he continues his journey.