A Foursome…

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Above are maps of my most recent rides [2 in Canada & 2 in Florida] and only a week apart. Talk about some serious driving miles. The first 3 rides [cycling] and on my RANS Citi Crank Forward. The forth ride is on my Catrike 700. The last 2 rides were ridden with Mr. Giraldo. The 4 rides averaged 51 miles. They were fun. I’m really enjoying my single-speed Citi. Click on either map for details about the rides.

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2 thoughts on “A Foursome…”

  1. Jim,

    On the rides on the Citi, how was your comfort level after that many miles. I think my longest ride to date on the Dynamik Pro is 10-15 miles. Of course this has all been off-road so that’s why I haven’t been able to have a longer ride at one sitting (bad pun intended). I only have knobbies on my CF so I am avoiding the paved roads and getting longer rides in the mountains is tougher since the terrain takes a lot more effort and time. I am toying with the idea of getting a second set of wheels with slicks so I can do some road riding and longer rides. Anyway, as always, I value your experience and opinion.



    1. Hi David,

      Following the 2 rides in Canada, I placed a gel pad in the seat pan for additional comfort. My sit bones were asking for greater comfort on longer rides. I had noted the same before the trip to Canada, but [no pun intended] continued to evaluate. Otherwise, I think the Citi is reasonably confortable on longer rides. Release the handlebar ocassionally, to prevent hand discomfort. Of course the Ergo grips would likely solve that issue. Given the gelpad, I think the Citi can be used for metric centuries. A century may be a stretch.

      As to speed–higher gearing and smoother tires woul help, then climbing would really test me legs. As set, in my heaad, I think I can climb mountains. I’ve not had to come off the seat. As to changes–I have none. I’m really pleased that my design is delivering what I want. Plus, she looks so cool.

      Thanks for asking.



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