A Foursome…

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Above are maps of my most recent rides [2 in Canada & 2 in Florida] and only a week apart. Talk about some serious driving miles. The first 3 rides [cycling] and on my RANS Citi Crank Forward. The forth ride is on my Catrike 700. The last 2 rides were ridden with Mr. Giraldo. The 4 rides averaged 51 miles. They were fun. I’m really enjoying my single-speed Citi. Click on either map for details about the rides.

Off to the Catrike Factory…

The FactoryI have attended 2 Catrike Rallies. I own a Catrike 700 and just happen to be in Florida. So, what else to do other than pay another visit to the factory. I had coordinated with Mark Egeland, Big Cat HPV, LLC, earlier and had a 2:30 p.m. appointment with Paulo and a tentative meeting with Lynn, one of the engineers.

I must say this company continues to impress me. I wrote about them earlier when I gave my reasons to own a Catrike. I do not feel like just a customer or just an owner of one sweet Catrike. The feeling and relationship is so much more. Whether I contact them by message, telephone, or personal visit, I feel like a member of a family where ideas and communication are important. Lynn was open on helpful with an idea I have for a different Mueller Windwrap XT fairing mount.

Guess who on a DashAlma & Lynn Both she and Paulo were gracious with their time and conversation. Paulo and I talked about 35 minutes. I offered ideas for new trikes, with the response being an openness to possibilities. Alma got a factory tour from Lynn and Paulo introduced her to a Villager. I even got to sit on a Dash.

I have said before and I say again, I really feel good about the relationship and support I see from them for their product and the owners of those trikes. This has been my observation since 2008, when I purchased my CT700. Their behind-the-scenes support of Mr. Giraldo on his Tour of Discovery was helpful in him completing his epic journey.  I think our Catrike future is bright. I am happy to have a “Cat” and to have an association with this company.

Xavier & LynnSherry Thanks to Mark, Lynn, & Paulo. I got to put a face with name Chaim and the speak with Sherry [the principal welder] & Xavier again. I think Sherry knows me now.

Hey, I’ll see you guys at the next rally.  BTW, Mr. Giraldo was here a few days ago.

The Day After

That was Monday, 08/31, Day86+1. That was the day the Mr. Giraldo resumed his roll as teacher. This amazing man rode Destiny from home to school; had a TV interview; was received by colleagues; and then off to his students at 9:00 a.m. to begin the job of history teacher for this school year.

P1010004-1 P1010026-2 P1010036-1

P1010020-2 Some 30 pounds lighter, Mr. G. received hugs, waves, and well wishes as he strolled about the school grounds.  Of course, there were lots on comments about the amount of weight he lost on his Tour of Discovery.

P1010030-2 I witnessed spontaneous applause for students awaiting the first bell as Mr. G. walked past. [I was pushing Destiny at the time. This followed the TV interview.] They even applauded Manifest Destiny as I pushed her by [of course, I choose not to ride her]. This trike, as I see it, is a museum piece, never to be ridden on the streets for joy or transportation. Rafael views her in the same manner. She now remains at the Tequesta Trace Middle School, where he teaches.

I spoke with Rafael Tuesday evening following my return to Fayetteville. He is making adjustments from daily riding to the routine of teaching. I will likely see him again the end of this month and participate in a panel discussion of his trip. The panel is sponsored by [details later].

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