Significant Silk update tomorrow ~ 10/01/09

Sometime on the 1st of October, I’ll post all that has been going on with my Catrike 700 [Silk] since 09/21/09, the day I received my Goblin Cricket Tail Fairing [storage version] the second time. I think I’ve been pretty busy. I think you will find what I’ve done interesting. The post may be up as early as midnight tonight [started working on it yesterday, 09/29].



Update1: I will not post the article until tomorrow afternoon–maybe around 2:00 p.m. EDT. Sorry for the delay.

Update2 @ 1:46 p.m. EDT 10/01 : Now, between 3:00 & 4:00 p.m. If you are anxious, check my flickr photostream.

Update3: It [the Silk Article] went up at 3:42 p.m. EDT 10/01.


…and the 75K answers are:

The Answers

Thanks to the 6 who responded. –jim

If I win the 100K Contest, I want…

Okay, here is the poll to determine how the majority of my readers want to receive their winnings.

Thanks for your participation.


100K Contest

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That bombed!!!

Well, I think the idea was okay—just not the enthusiasm to win the $75. Six of my readers responded to the quiz, with no one scoring the requisite 75% or better criteria. I was to have given $75 to the 75th person who scored 75% or better on the quiz.

Here is another idea [your comments are welcomed].

  • End this contest
  • Add $25 more
  • Open a contest for $100
  • You determine what store [or cash via PayPal] the e-card or gift certificate comes from. This poll closes 10/15/2009.

The new contest: You predict the year, month, date, hour, minute, & second that this blog reaches the 100K milestone [hits or page views are visible at the top of the side-bar on the right of the blog]. The individual who submits the most accurate prediction with the oldest date wins the $100.00. The winner will be announced just after the 100k milestone is reached.

The mechanics:

I’m hoping for a much higher level of participation. Thanks again for your readership. –jim

75,000 Hits since 11/30/2008

The path:

Hits Milestones: {also on my Notes Page}

Now that we are here, it does not seem to have been a long time. We will soon be coming up on a year with I think is has been a very good year, which I attribute to my readers. As we reach milestones, I’ve marked most with a thank you. The links above take you to my post on the date indicated. I am also thankful that I discovered Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer, which has ease some aspects of publishing, especially picture placement and my ability to use tables to do so.

I decided to mark this milestone with a little quiz and a $75 giveaway. The winner is…

Looks like we may see about 90K as we wrap up a year 11/30. If  we are really fortunate, maybe 100K about the first of the year.

Thanks again for all that you do!

WIN a $75 e-card from Performance Bicycle

 Cycling Experiences… 75K Celebration
Quizzes by  

As we near another milestone for the Cycling Experiences Blog, I thought it would be interesting to offer my many and loyal readers/viewers an opportunity to win a prize. The prize is a $75.00 e-card from Performance Bicycle [a North Carolina Company]. So take the quiz [top link]: 7 questions; score 75% or better, and be the 75th person to do so and you get the e-card. Thank you 75K for your many visits since November 30, 2008. I appreciate you…

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