Mr. G’s Tour of Discovery: Day83 of 86 Days


DeLeon to Winter Garden, Florida

Tour of Discovery - Day 83 053

Tour of Discovery - Day 83 029

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 Tour of Discovery - Day 83 049 Tour of Discovery - Day 83 038   Tour of Discovery - Day 83 098 Tour of Discovery - Day 83 101
424759815_975d47684b Day83 ~ Today, Mr. Giraldo rides through the Oralando Area. Well folk, that’s about as close as Destiny with get to her place of creation as she will get on this trip, unless there is a surprise in store. Looks like a slight detour to meet the makers of Destiny and maybe take in a ride with some of the Big Cat HPV team.

Indeed it is and what a lift for the rider/owner—Mr. G. and those who made Destiny. Thanks to Mark Egeland who made this happen. I’m hoping for good publicity for both from this. Mark says:

Discovery of an awesome man on an epic journey!
We just made it to the Catrike factory and greeted by Paulo, Lynn and Chaim but the factory workers were gone already, unfortunately. And a big surprise was Commander Shak and Pat were here waiting too!  I will post pictures in the morning.

Next, the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, now scheduled for 08/28.

I will travel to Florida tomorrow: 1) to hopefully see the shuttle launch; and, 2) to ride with Rafael to Weston on Sunday morning.


Pictures: 105

Slideshow: August 27 – Day 83 – DeLeon Springs, FL to Winter Garden, FL

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