An Amazing Climbing Machine

From a single-speed [my Citi Crank Forward] perspective at 2009 Niagara Rally.

Mistery Tour

My Citi is an amazing climber [earlier report] This with platform pedals; an ENO Single Speed Crank, black anodized, 175mm, 38t; and ENO Freewheel, 19t. I did the climbing seated. I could have stood, but there was no need to. I’ll add that I’ve not been riding nearly enough. Had I been, I think the climbs would have been easier. From my perspective, the Citi is an amazing climbing machine. Thanks to RANS for a fun to ride cycle—especially as a single-speed.

A climbing technique that works for me—RPM!

The down-side. The gearing is not tall enough to maintain roadie speed.

Author: jalexartis

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8 thoughts on “An Amazing Climbing Machine”

  1. That’s the 305 recording,
    When do you do another trip, recorded with that uninitiated iPhone?

    Yes, there will be slight downer now that Rafael is headed home … but not for long! … and the best is eidetic.


    1. Maybe another trip in October. The iPhone does nor upload where all my data is located and does not currently record the data I want. I’ll continue to experiment. Thanks Terry! –jim


  2. Jim,

    I’m finding that my Dynamik crankforward climbs amazingly well too. If I slide up on the edge of the seat and crunch forward I can climb pretty much anything off road. I too am finding that I really don’t need to stand on the pedals. Great pictures of the tour too by the way! How are the platform pedals working out for you now that you’ve put some serious miles on them? Any foot slippage?



    1. Good Morning David,

      I almost think I could ride in the mountains with the gearing I’m currently riding. I’ve done the front edge of the seat also.

      Minimal shoe slippage with the Keen Sandals and the pins on the platform pedals.

      I added a gel-pad to my seat. My butt needed more comfort. Now, I’ll have to ride 30 miles of so to see if I’m more comfortable. Initial test are positive.

      Glad you like the pics. I think its time to replace my little digital. The pictures are not as sharp as they once were.



    1. Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for the feedback. So, I’m not the only one who now knows the climbing capacity of the Crank Forward [from RANS]. I’ve climbed some good hills with my dingle-speed, Niagara Escarpment included. Glad you are enjoying your Sequoia Trail and you are certainly welcome. –jim


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