Mr. G’s Tour of Discovery: Day83 of 86 Days


DeLeon to Winter Garden, Florida

Tour of Discovery - Day 83 053

Tour of Discovery - Day 83 029

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Somethings are harder than others to let go

Faye now sports DiNotte 400L Lights

Such is the case with my Garmin Edge 305, now used along with my iPhone on my RANS Citi Crank Forward and my CT700 [Catrike 700 Trike].

I found my Edge nice to have during my recent Niagara Rally where we rode in Toronto and then from Toronto back to Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Quite a climber the Citi is.

My rain bottle protector still works. If anything better, because the bottle open end is more down.

iPhone Water Resistant Prototype


Faye Lighting Adjustments

CRW_0438.CRW CRW_0443.CRW
CRW_0441.CRW CRW_0442.CRW


I rode the ’09 Niagara Rally without using my lighting for these reasons:

  • 1) I wanted to have my LightSpin Mounting bracket powercoated black—never got to it
  • 2) I love DiNotte Lighting so much, that Faye deserves it also. 

Well, that has all changed as you see. I’m using the same type 400Ls the my trike has. I now have 3 pair of each [headlight & taillight].

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Mr. Giraldo’s 08/20 ~ 08/26 Travel





Tour of Discovery - Day 80 099

Welcome to fifth and final weekly summary–WkSum5 of Mr. Giraldo’s Tour of Discovery. From DeLeon Springs to Weston, Florida, I’ll report the last four days [Days83-86] as they are completed. This week Mr. Giraldo delivered on a promise—The Continental Crossing. He is certainly a Battle-Proven Road Warrior. Congratulations Rafael!!!  –jim


Mr. Giraldo traveled approximately 430 trike miles during the week [mileage is a map estimate].  This is another week that holds special meaning for Rafael because he completed the crossing of the U.S.A. He covered some good distances. He continues to receive public interaction. Good for him!!! I’ll bet his arrival in Weston on Sunday, 08/30, will be really special.

Date Tour Day Departure Town Time of Departure Distance Ridden Arrival Town Time of Arrival
08/20/09 Day76 Enterprise, AL 8:26 a.m CDT 42 miles Bonifay, FL 1:56 p.m. CDT
08/21/09 Day77 Bonifay, FL 7:12 a.m. CDT 60 miles Chattahoochee , FL 2:31 p.m. EDT
08/22/09 Day78 Chattahoochee, FL 7:55 a.m. EDT 70 miles Monticello, FL 6:00 p.m. EDT
08/23/09 Day79 Monticello, FL 9:33 a.m. EDT 77 miles Lake City, FL 6:00 p.m. EDT
08/24/09 Day80 Lake City, FL 7:13 a.m EDT 94 miles Saint Augustine, FL 6:30 p.m. EDT
08/25/09 Day81 Saint Augustine, FL   0 miles Saint Augustine, FL  
08/26/09 Day82 Saint Augustine, FL 7:36 a.m. EDT 87 miles DeLeon Springs, FL 5:30 p.m. EDT

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David Von Stein ~ a.k.a. Devious56

Tour of Discovery - Day 80 053

Tour of Discovery - Day 80 049When your task is to get to the east side of the St. Johns River across the Shands Bridge, riding a trike, you want a MAN in the mirror. That man is Devious56 [Catrike & BROL], in his 1956 Ford Truck.

That State Road 16 St. Johns River crossing looks really narrow. Is he planning on riding across that? Looks kinda scary to me. Terrafirma

Yesterday,  some BROL members expressed their concern for Rafael’s safety, knowing he needed to [and wanted to ride across] this bridge. I posted the bridge picture above on both BROL and the Catrike Boards so we would have some idea what Mr. G. was likely seeing. Well, Mr. Giraldo made it safely to the other side with the help of David Von Stein [Devious56], the man in the mirror.Tour of Discovery - Day 80 039

David says:

I recently got home after spending the day with Rafael, and right about now he is checking in to his motel in St. Augustine. I was hoping to have some one take me and my trike westward to meet him but had no luck. So, this morning, I put the lights on my trike and headed west. About 40 miles later, somewhere between Starke and Lake Butler, we met up and had a very nice day, riding up and down the hills that I had forgotten about. The highway we were riding, came within a few miles of my house, so I changed my plans of riding to St. Augustine with him, to go home and get my truck. I caught up with him again, just east of Green Cove Springs, and followed him across that bridge, so he wouldn’t get run over. Worked out very well also, although by the time we got to the east side of the river there were about 20 very unhappy drivers, and one very happy triker.
But for now, I’m a tired puppy and think I will go have a cold Bud, and think about Rafael’s accomplishments. ~ David

May there be a David Von Stein in your mirror

more pictures


Discovery’s flight will deliver supplies and equipment to the International Space Station. Inside the shuttle’s cargo bay is the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), a pressurized “moving van” that will be temporarily installed to the station. The module will deliver science and storage racks, a freezer to store research samples, a new sleeping compartment and the COLBERT treadmill. The 13-day mission will include three spacewalks to replace experiments outside the European Space Agency’s Columbus laboratory, and install a new ammonia storage tank and return the used one. Ammonia is used to move excess heat from inside the station to the radiators located outside. Discovery also will deliver a new crew member and bring back another after almost two months aboard the space station.

Another space shuttle launch scheduled for 1:36 a.m. EDT, today, 08/25.

Image above: Spotlights show the rain as it falls on Launch Pad 39A as space shuttle Discovery awaits launch. Photo credit: NASA TV Poor Weather Scrubs Tuesday Launch Try

Tue, 25 Aug 2009 01:28:32 AM EDT

The launch attempt for space shuttle Discovery was called off Tuesday morning because of poor weather in the area. The launch team will make another attempt Wednesday morning at 1:10 a.m. EDT. Scrubbed {see my comment}.

A Promise Delivered ~ Mr. Giraldo

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