The killer app I’ve wanted [almost]

TThe STORMhree years ago when on Day6 of my bike tour from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Key West, Florida [1,062 miles in 9 days] and experiencing some torrential thunderstorms associate with Tropical Storm Alberto, I wished for weather-alert that might allow for better decision making when on the road. This is critical when storms may develop hours after one last reviewed weather forecast in the area from which they departed.

Tour of Discovery - Day 48 133 Had my biking partner and I known the storm track earlier on Day5, we might have ridden longer to get further south and may have missed what we experienced on Days5-7. The horrors of a storm have been made even more vivid by Mr. Giraldo recounting his recent 07/09 experience as he triked to Haswell, Colorado from Pueblo [read his 07/25 blog letter].

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