Why did this happen?

Last Monday, 07/20, I purchased my iPhone 3GS [Luv It!]. Shortly there after I dropped my principal Garmin Edge 305—not a problem its been dropped before. It has even fallen from the handle bars of my DF to the pavement—never a problem. It has always continued to work. Well, the drop after receiving my iPhone broke the LCD display, but not so severely that the LCD bled. I did not know it was broken until I prepared to ride my RANS Crank Forward [Faye] yesterday.

Fortunately, I have a backup 305 [which is more sensitive to road vibrations]. Put it in action and did my short neighborhood ride [needed to deliver a draft of a print job]. At least it did not go off.

Galled Garmin to replace Edge #1—no problem. For a very reasonable cost I get a refurbished 305—shipping included. I pay to ship the unit to them. The deal was so good, I decided to replace both 305s. Now, I’m Edgeless; but, I have my iPhone with its cycling apps. I may get to check on on a longer ride today. I have to say my Edge 305 support for Garmin has been excellent. Garmin Connect is another issue.

The question now is: should I keep both Garmin Edge 305s and use them with my iPhone? As I see it now, I’ll likely use the Edge in my LWB recumbent and trike and the 305 only on my low racer and DFs. What would you do?

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6 thoughts on “Why did this happen?”

  1. I have been riding with a 305 and an iPhone a lot lately, and I think they compliment each other very well. The iPhone is a great communications device, and an OK GPS. The Edge is a true GPS, which is more accurate, and a great way to collect data. I move them back and forth between my Tour Easy and my Greenspeed using RAM mounts.

    I have tried several of the iPhone apps, and while they are nice, they do exhaust the battery pretty quickly, and the iPhone OS does not allow them to run in the background. I would stick with using both iPhone and 305, although I am unsure why you need two 305’s.


    1. Hi Warren,

      Thank for the comment.

      I have two 305 to have a backup device. Having two has worked well for me. It does not bother me if one chooses not to have two.

      On iPhone battery drain–no problem for me. I’ll soon enter day 4 on a combination external Li-Ion battery and the internal battery [now at 42% battery remaining]. This testing lets me know I can have full iPhone use available for any ride I choose [see my blog post].

      Where I see the merits of both, especially on my ‘bents. Two mounted on my road bike or Crank Forward just does not work for me. I may place my 305 on my body. Again, I have no problem with how you choose to attach your devices. You’ll see pictures of both on my trike and LWB. You probably won’t see the iPhone on my SWB VK2. It just how I ride. I’m glad your combination works for you.

      I love the metrics from the Garmin devices & Motion Based and Garmin Connect–especially heart rate data. It is easier to know when you are over training as well as see indications of your fitness.

      The best with your rides.



  2. I love my Garmin Edge 305. The long battery life and ability to use lithium battery based chargers on the road for more hours is very nice. I haven’t had any vibration damage yet but I suppose it may occur; If it does I will most likely get a backup unit myself while sending my current out for replacement.


    1. Hi Duncan, I think the 305 is a fantastic piece of technology. Extending it’s available use time is essential. I one did an 18hr 218 mile tour [continuous] and was able to record it all by the use of external power. I done several 130+ mile rides where the internal battery would have been exhausted. If I’m to ride over 6 hrs, I start with an external battery plugged in. The battery problem was one of assembly method [friction was suppose to work] versus vibration “damage.” New units failed. I had a 305 replaced in its first year. I was advised yesterday the method of assembly was altered and that the problem does not happen with units that were assembled using the revised method. Could you have a 305 that used the revised assembly method.

      The backup has been good for me. Might be that a second ride need a unit with a complete charge; or the unit did not have a full charge; battery connection issue with one; lost or stolen, etc. The price is down and may make it worthwhile for some. Roger Zoul also has 2 305s.

      Well, continue to do all the great riding and picture taking. Has the White Rabbit been fixed?



  3. The White Rabbit is still at my bike shop. I am also upgrading at this time. New tires – Kojaks, new idlers – terracycle, new mirrors on both sides. I am also putting on a rear rack to support my forthcoming coroplast tailbox. All to go with my new frame and wheels. The frame took some big hits during the STP and I found a crack on the frame where it leads to the rear wheel. I haven’t covered the frame issue online. It is being replaced under warranty and Arnold will inspect the old one.

    I am still thinking about the issue and haven’t wanted to post confused thoughts on it. Thanks for asking though. I should be rolling in a week or less. I haven’t minded too much as I am just recovering now from the injuries I got on the STP. My abrasion patch is now healed (4×4 inch patch) and the sprained ankle is feeling better. I think the ankle was due to the change in my pedal stroke after the crash. I was avoiding hurting the scrape on my upper left thigh.


    1. Thanks Duncan, I wondered what type damage [frame] was done to the White Rabbit. Frame damage is serious. I guess you conclude it was from the crash and not fatigue failure. You are going to practically have a new bike. I’m glad you are healing well. STP can be tough and I had people debate its flatness with me. Well we share a similar [“the event”] cycling experience. Thanks for the information and the best. –jim


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