iPhone 3GS mount for 2 of my 7 cycles

CRW_0364.CRW Today [ordered 07/21—not bad from CA via USPS] I received my handlebar mount from Semsons.com. Well I prefer a stem mount so the iPhone is centered—a few mods later and that is taken care of. I plan to order a second mount so I will not have to move the base from cycle-to-cycle. I set up Faye [My RANS Citi Crank Forward First]. I ride her in Canada mid-August. I may switch the mount over to my DF since I’m currently Edgeless.

The mount seems stable. I think it will hold on to the iPhone even on the bumpiest of roads. I had to remove my Tire Thread Skin so my iPhone will fit in the Semsons Cradle. I’d prefer to keep a skin on to prevent possible scratching of the case. The viewing angle is good. The bright sun makes it hard to see the screen, although I tend to ride and review data later.

Here are a few more shots of my iPhone 3GS on my CF {click on image to enlarge}.

CRW_0360.CRW CRW_0363.CRW
CRW_0361.CRW CRW_0362.CRW

Author: jalexartis

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6 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS mount for 2 of my 7 cycles”

  1. Helpful article – you say ‘a few mods later ‘ – anything else I need to buy or know about to complete the job? Thanks Mark


    1. Hi Mark,

      I used one of my large handlebar mounts for my DiNotte lights for the base of the Semsons.com mount. I removed 1/2 of the light mounting arm so I have a one-hole arm to place the long bolt from the Semsons.com mount. I used my heat gun to remove it. I could have gotten another bolt from a hardware store, but choose not to. I used a nut on top to lock the bolt to the arm. I then reassembled the Semsons.com mount. The result is what you see in the picture. What I have described here are the “few mods.” I hope the helps. –jim


  2. Hi Jim, are you interested in a project involving your iPhone?

    I’ve been into displaying the slope of the hill I’m on for n years … my iBike Pro Power Meter does well enough using micro-minature accelerometers. There is (was I hope) a thread on BROL on slope measuring devices. Along the way I suggested that there might be APPS for iPhones and their featured accelerometers.
    So I google searched “iPhone” + “APP” + “clinometer” OR “inclinometer”. Sure enough at least 2 favorable APPS showed up.

    Here is the project: you try out slope measurement.
    a) for interest knowing the slope of the hill you are riding.
    b) leveling your recording gear.
    c) hanging pictures [though from the cam views of your home, you do this well]
    d) satisfying my curiosity.


    1. Hi Terry,

      I’m interested. The question is when? I use a level for most things I work on. I even have an iPhone App the uses a bubble level. I’ll get back with you once I resolve my video quality issue. Thanks! –jim […and thanks for the compliment]


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