The power of a picture.

Tour of Discovery - Day 43 107

Here I am contemplating the purchase of a Garmin Edge 705 [with cadence, heart rate monitor, and maps for $600], when I have a Garmin Edge 305 with all but the mapping, and along comes ColoradoDennis [thanks to Mr. Giraldo for the pictures] with a device [Apple’s new 3Gs iPhone] that gives me what I want from the 705 [mapping] in a phone, with camera, an Internet access [in coverage areas] for $199 and an AT&T 2-year rate plan.

Granted, I would incur the cost of AT&T service that I would not have to have with a Garmin 705; but, I’ll have a phone, a still & video camera and the ability to easily email pictures, mapping, etc. Dennis has certainly given me more to think about. I should not let the fact that I have an iPod Touch get in the way.

You saw the 6 photos I received via email from Dennis’ 3G. You see the metrics available to him for the picture to the right. You can read about the app [B-icycle ~ The Cyclometer for your iPhone] here. Plus there are many other cool apps [a gear-inch caculator for example] for the iPhone & iPod Touch that are cycle related.

So, what do you think? Isn’t this a no-brainer, given the exorbitant cost of the Edge 705 [when I have a 305] versus the cool features [more cycle apps] and potential of a new iPhone.

On another note, in January I published an article discussing the merits of the iPhone versus a Blackberry. Rereading that may also help. At that point, I was in the Blackberry corner as a device that had better software to blog to Now I need to review the linked articles again, although as a cyclometer, I’m seeing the "edge" [no pun intended] in software to the iPhone. After all, the two machines are different in concept.

I’m hoping Dennis will chime in soon…

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17 thoughts on “The power of a picture.”

  1. I’m interesting in the iPhone too, for many of the reasons you list. However, I heard or read somewhere that you can’t the insurance on the phone as you can with carriers. I currently pay $5/month to insure against lost or breaking my Black Berry. Some have said that AT&T doesn’t offer this for the iPhone – perhaps due to the front surface. Certainly, on a bike this could be an even bigger issue.

    Given that I’m still locked in my contract with Verizon, I have not bothered to check out the truth or not about the insurance. Just something to think and ask about. The iPhone is cool and I’m generally pissed with Garmin.


    1. Hi Roger, It is comforting to see someone is also thinking along the same line. To my knowledge, there is insurance available from AT&T. I’m sure I saw it, but will do more research now. Thanks for bringing it up. Back in a bit…


  2. Here is what I find. Then, I find a caveat:

    Wireless Phone Insurance is not available for and coverage does not apply to:
    •Apple iPhoneTM (all models)
    •Phones on GoPhone® accounts
    •Mini Laptops

    More research needed.

    Two ways to get coverage:
    Best Buy [purchase link]
    State Farm

    From my reading, it may be wise to check with your insurance company, you may have coverage or they may offer a rider. AT&T may have something different at the counter. Internet information is not always current.



  3. I have the app on my iphone, the problem I have with it is eats the battery only about two hours run time. Thinking on tour would have to find some way of charging with a dynamo hub. The other issue is if your out of data coverage area the maps don’t work. Personally I would go the Garmin route.


    1. Thanks Carter,

      Battery life is a real shortcoming, event with my Edge 305. For century rides, I start with an external battery and would do the same for the iPhone. I have Li-Ion USB battery pack that I’ve used on tours [somtimes riding 1.5 centuries]. As to coverage–a problem where ther is no work-around. The AT&T coverag map looks good to me. In reality, I’d continue to use my Garmin Edge 305 [upload to Garmin Connect to maintain my riding journal] and then the iPhone for those features not avaible from the Edge: phone, still/video camera, Internet access, MP3 Player, etc. My Edge/iPod Touch combo work well together on my trike.

      What state are you in?


  4. Just sone notes, in no particular order:
    My phone is a one-year old 3G. The newer 3GS adds a slightly better camera and (more importantly) video capability. I do not have that.
    Battery life is the biggest shortcoming of the iPhone. Three hours of GPS-enabled operation would be the maximum one could expect. I have a fairly large Li-ion battery which has variable voltages for the output AND a 5-volt output to a USB port, so I run my lights and my iPhone from that battery. The battery is in the large (left) pocket on the back of the Catrike seat. I haven’t rechecked but you can probably see the white power cord going to my phone in some of Rafael’s pictures of my trike.
    A few weeks ago, we purchased an iPhone 3G for my daughter and, at that time, we were offered “insurance” on all three (mine, my wife’s, and my daughter’s). It is a new offering and might not be reflected on their website.
    The b-icycle app is the best of all that I have downloaded but it is not perfect. I wish it had auto-pause when I stop riding momentarily, and I wish it had the user-customization abilities that “GPS by Motion-X” has.


    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for your comments. I was waiting for them before I acted. I also use external batteries to extend the useful time of cycling accessories. I’ve noted the differences between the various iPhone models and the 3GS is impressive. Have you had any coverage issues? I’m off to review “GPS by Motion-X.” –jim


  5. While you can still buy the iPhone 3G (at a very tempting discount) I would get the new 3GS. It has a faster proc and more memory with the same or improved battery life and, reportedly, better GPS reception.

    We blog posting software; Have you tried the WordPress App?


    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks! I have a 3GS ordered. I normally buy forward technology. I’ve researched the WordPress App, buy w/o an iPhone have not used, but will very soon. I look forward to it. I appreciate you comments. Thanks! –jim


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